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Chingaez5 months ago
Gee, talk about jerkish from the nobles and man, with her own experience of witnessing the downfall of her own kingdom, Raquel has a VERY valid reason to not trust the nobles. Man, these nobles can't keep hating Hiroto for their own misfortunes that are resulted by very own actions. I mean, what a hypocrite. Especially on the Noblesia's count part due to what both his brother and especially the father did in Volume 11 and 12.
Chingaez5 months ago
And speaking if hypocrites, it seems to me that the nobles from Noblesia's seem to forget that their own mistreatments towards the mummy out of fear of their "possible revolt" was also a contributor to the elves' intervention under Univestel's order. Maybe Univestel has a right grivences about the humans' corruption despite his own inaction to punish the foolish jerks only embolden their arrogance.
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