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Chingaez7 months ago
Same goes for Lizvan and Nestoria as well the same stupidity as Urceus. From the conversation alone, you see Lizvan acts like overconfident of what is doing whereas Nestoria, while seemlu giving some "advice" to the princess, doesn't seems to give herself one over Belphegor's deceit. For some reason, I feel so sorry Nassar for haveing two idiot kids whose lack of perspective will destroy Magia uf they keep up what they are doing now.
Chingaez7 months ago
Very funny in this chapter because Magia seems to be on board onto crushing with Regulus for believing the letter so easily. Also, Urceus? Have you not forgotten that it was YOU who give Magia a trouble with yoyr schemes to crush Hybride and now you wanna ban Hybridian merchants to do buisness just because of the said letter? Magia never learn, do they?
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