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Chingaez5 months ago
This chapter seriously showcasing the effects of Rubia's bullying of Mimia here: Not only Excelis is so disgusted by what the maid did to the point complain it to Sylferis (she'd better be), now we also see how much Hydran being absolutely jerkish towards Soichiro for forcing him to apologize despite Rubia was the one who started all of this. Considering what happened to Bourgault in both Volume 11 and Volume 12, the consequence will NOT going to be pretty, even for a royalty...
Chingaez5 months ago
Speaking of Bourgault, remember what led to the douche's downfall to begin with? Shouldn't Hydran advice Rubia about not being a bully no matter who? The display of that old douche towards Soichiro really showcasing how UNFIT he is to become a king due to him thinking that the Differente is beneath him. One of these days, karma will befell upon him and not even the Duke will pretend now...
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