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Chingaez5 months ago
This chapter show both Rubia specially Hydran only get themselves to blame for their own humiliations. Seems to me that Rubia only apologize to Mimia when Sylferis will do exactly what she is doing, and you have Hydran now acting like Bourgault for belittling Hiroto while ignoring his warning that will force him to give a reality check. Sometimes, mere apology isn't enough and it is only when they meet their mishaps that they realize that their actions has consequences...
Chingaez5 months ago
Let's talk about Rubia in this chapter, shall we? It sounds to me that she is more determine to not apologize to Mimia despite being reprimanded by Sylferis harshly and it is only when elf opts to do exactly what she said she could do that the maid FINALLY apologize to Mimia. Albeit forceful one like how she try to force Soichiro to apologize to her in the first place. Not feeling all might now from the last three chapters ago, eh Rubia? You should be VERY lucky that you didn't turn into the very "caterpillar" you disgusted like how Sorciere been through.
Chingaez5 months ago
As for Hydran? This chapters really shows his mask is slipping because his hostility towards Hiroto is VERY obvious here. Forget about him being the source to Rubia's cruelty, the Duke deserved to be berated by Sylferis for whatever he did that can cause bigger trouble for Hybride. This is supposed to be the guy who wanted to be king while trying to "save" Hybride from Hiroto, all the while claiming that both Leonidas and Hiroto will be corrupted within' 6 months (yeah, gimme a break).. Bourgault and more villains already learned Hiroto's warning the hard way and speaking of which, the way the Duke's reaction to Hiroto's eyes is already telling that the guy is NOT going to take accountability anytime soon.
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