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Chingaez7 months ago
This chapter shift to elsewhere where both Magia and Regulus are now allying themselves to "stop" Hybride from demanding compensation issue, with both Lizvan AND Cognitas are now jumping conclusions without evem doing investigations. Granted, one new character named Ordicus is indeed shrewd in what he does but here's the problem: He too also jumping conclusions by assuming that Leonidas AND Hiroto have pressuring Magia to compensate to Hybride without even knowing that the Duke they trusted is a petty fool. What's more, not even Regulus merchant who are asking both Hybrdian elves and Sōichirō can get any info about the compensation, much less the "smart" people like Ordicus or Cognitas and even Lizvan? Read more Read more Both Magia AND Regulus will gonna doom themsleves because of their actions for sure. Show less
Chingaez7 months ago
Also, using force by waging war?! Do both Magia and Regulus even know what are they talking about? All just to refuse to pay reperations to Hybride? Lizvan, do you realize how many Magian soldiers died because of your brother's stupidity? And I expect Regulus to be smart too for the same reason...
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