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Chingaez3 months ago
And then you have Hydran seems to be VERY mouthful in chapter too for blaming both Leonidas and especially Hiroto for this botched meeting and even smirk when Hiroto will be forced to resign if he can't solve the current crisis in one week. And this is despite he himself has already manipulating both Lizvan and Ordicus even before this event. I wouldn't be so smug so soon even with all those advantages, especially given how his house being destoryed for shrugging off Hiroto's advice in the first place.
Chingaez3 months ago
It looks like this chapter becoming more intense and Hiroto need to accept his punishment if he fail to solve the problem today in one week, much to Hydran's delight as if everything goes according to plan. Will Hiroto's uno reverse card can solve the problems like he used to do?
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