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Eidorian_20015 months ago
Pobre Hiroto, teniendo que aguantar el no saltar sobre ellas solo porque es un caballero
Chingaez6 months ago
Well, this chapter officially ends Gezerkia Arc as both Gundogan and Quintilis change their perception towards Hiroto after seeing th results of his plans that finally repelled Gerzerkia and her Red-Winged Vampires without even warring with her. As for the 3 castle lords who once smeared Hiroto, well they are so grateful about his rescue that they both apologize to him for their past grievences and Hiroto just say bygones be bygones. However, I suspect thatr not everyone has the same sentiment with Gundogan, Quintilis and even the 3 Castle lords: The Souther Salabria Castle Lords, Emepria under Moldias's court, and even some of Gezerkia's men.
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