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Akirei1 year ago
Buen intento Panoptikus, pero no entiendes como funciona el mundo. Tienes que enviar chicas planas hacia Hiroto. Todas las chicas sexy con cuerpo de reloj de arena se enamoran de Hiroto.
Eidorian_20012 years ago
Típico hombre prepotente salió ese ministro
Chingaez2 years ago
Merry Christmas to eveyrone and boy, this is one of the best X'Mas gifts of the year. Sounds like Hiroto's deeds in saving Olsina creating some gossips in Emepria to the point other ministers think that Ibrid System need to be perserved. Not for Panopticus, though, because he want to cursh Hiroto instead simply because the views the Ibrid System is "outdated". You know what needs an overhaul though? Mankind's attitude towards Other Species, starting with Emperia since it is the main capital of the country. At least reward the guy for actually stopping the vampires' rampage.
Eidorian_20012 years ago
Feliz navidad atrasada, por 2 semanas, y año nuevo
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