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Eidorian_20012 years ago
Esa elfa es demasiado antojadora
Chingaez2 years ago
This chapter shows the events ouside Solum and it seems Sobrinus is one of the Big Good for being trying to counter Panopticus's jerkish move. He is an ally. Also, do these Southern Castle Lords STILL want their Development Order not long after Gezerkia's attack on Olsina?! I dunno about people but why continue the very thing that led to Gezerkia and the Red-Vampires' clan attack on Olsina in the first place? Excelis has the right to chew these fools out for. Last I read from Chapter 5's earlier chapters, the one who elected Excelis as the Vice Governor was actually Hiroto himself, not these South Salabria castle lords and last I recall, they turned on Excelis and defected to Feuillet when she failed to answer her decision about the Development Order he
Chingaez2 years ago
This chapter shifts to the persecptive of other characters while Hiroto and his allies (except Excelis because she is a secretary) returned to Solum just for a day and gives his rousing speech to the people. Being a political rival to Panopticus due to the Prime Minister being anti-Ibrid System, it is expected to Sorbinus to be alarmed to learn that his spies is going to Olsina and it sounds to me that Sobrinus maybe the only minister in Emperia to have some sense here. Also, when it comes to Southern Castle Lords, gosh darn it. They STILL want the Development Order even after Gezerkia's near invasion attempt onto Salabria?! Talk about ungrateful jerkasses, one of these days karma is about to bite them back.
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