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Chingaez2 years ago
This chapter showcasing both Panopticus's aides, as "investigators" making some made-up allegations against Hiroto just to find "proof" about him "violating" the royal decree. Funny for the two aide accusing Hiroto for his conspicuously with Gezerkia to meddling Orsia's buisness when Gundogan was forced to wait for Emepria ambassador to arrive just when Gezerkia at her cockiest. Also, meet Galsh-one of the North Phyliis remants who stayed at Marcel Lord's place for quite a time and vows to "rescue" Phyllis by having Eash eradicated. Sounds like a good plan or what not since he wanted to rescue his fomer homeland, but why do I feel that even having Eash eliminated will only make things worse for the remnants? Marcel Lord is also at fault here because his own dissatisfaction towards Hiroto's policies may drags Galsh into the mess too, given how Galsh felt for Phyllis. In other words, having one person remove from whatever their position is a naive thinking, and sounds to me that Panopticus's aides as well as Galsh and Marcel Lord have the most narrowminded mindset for their lack of foresight. Read more
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