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Chingaez5 months ago
Gee. Talk about ungratefulness and the chapter is about THAT. Do these people (except Sobrinus) realize that dismissing Hiroto from his position is a TERRIBLE IDEA?! For one, this "violation against the royal decree" thing is pure BS because this proves that Panopticus is twisting words to justify his accusation against Hiroto, and then Moldias and others are going along with with the "Diferente's revolt" nonsense just because they suspect that Hiroto wants the usurp Moldias from the crown?! And, something is VERY off. Diplomacy negotiation counted as violation of the decree?! How?! Wasn't that's the one saving both Salabria and Orsia from Gezerkia to ever begin with?! Something tells me that Hybride will going to need these if the kingdom want to survive, as ironic as it sounds. Here's a serious question: What would happened to both Salabria AND Orsia if Hiroto actually complied with the royal decree? What would the elves think? More importantly, what would the Holy Spirits think? Surely, somebody would be worrying about the curse for doing bad decision? As for the 4 South Salabria castle lords who wish that Hiroto lose his job? Oh, they'd better be VERY careful what they wish for because karma is going to haunt them, given their geographical location within Salabria AND the presence of North Phyllis Remnants in the area. Speaking which, in the same chapter, Eash just survives his 11th assassination attempt...and he is NOT happy about it. Given what happened from the last 3 chapters, especially how foul Eash's mood was when he received no response from Hybride about arresting, as well as the location of Galsh and others at, my hunch tells me that Phyllis's retribution will be expected. Read more Read more May I ask who is the one endangering Hybride? In other words, the pendulum WILL going to swing back to Emperia AND four South Salabria Castle Lords for their ungratefulness. Show less
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