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Sum Gai1 year ago
I think I'm going to drop this. The editing has been terrible to begin with, and began getting worse with every chapter in that last volume. But now, this is straight MTL with no editing. They are lying out of their asses about having an editor. They were maintaining a 30% grammar, spelling, and syntax error rate, but now we are up to about 60% and getting worse with each chapter. This is getting almost unreadable. In any case, we have gone from grading it a C- to a flat out F. It's no longer worth reading to me. Next chapter is even worse. Dropped it there. Glad that I haven't wasted any money with this group.
Winter2 years ago
Are you sure he's sane? :') Maybe it's just the calm before the storm, who knows.
FoxReader37122 years ago
I thought Yu is going for killing spree, hunting bandits, adventurers etc.The last part is a letdown considering its only less than 2 weeks.
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