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SchmidtNation1 year ago
Can anyone come up with a reason he doesn’t have a third job yet? He regularly opens portals to Comer city to meet with the blacksmith and the town lord, how difficult would it be to portal directly into the job changing room? If he doesn’t want people to see him in the guild, he can do it at night when it’s closed and empty. If the guild has countermeasures against space time magic (which I doubt because it’s a lost magic that nobody has been able to use since some random demon lord 100s of years ago) I’m sure the town lord could get hold of a job changing crystal to use during one of their meetings. It just makes zero sense that he is on a massive training binge and is completely ignoring the fact that jobs give a level up correction.
felinoel1 year ago
Well he is still only level 50, didn't they say you can only get another class every twenty levels? By that he would need to be level 60 before he can get a third job.
MiletoO1 year ago
Bro, he got his second job at lvl 20, meaning his firat job was at lvl 0-19. Third job is lvl 40 and fourth job js lvl 60. Btw the person with most jobs in this the history of this world had 6, so he/she was level 100.
Renayreader2 years ago
That status window was confusing....
Megumin Crimson1 year ago
All that and STILL not 1 skill to boost his pitiful 1 Luck lol
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