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Locher4 months ago
Dunno what's up with the series of events. *grandma falls* She: "Guess I'll die" Read more MC: "oh shit, better run out and get herbs" *15mins later* She: "Did you find herbs?" MC: "Nope. Oh wait i can heal! Oh shit, doesnt work" She: "Guess I'll d-" MC: "Wait, i gotta grind all day night, you better stay alive until then" *Morning comes* MC: "Granny, i am back. I got Heal lv2 now. .. ohshit, she dead" Show less
Yodathethinker1 year ago
Dis dude is going to wipe out that cave full of monster to power level to be strong enough to heal stella
Sassu1 year ago
TL: "Finally a smart MC that knows when to stop!" The MC seeing the granma dying: "Hold on, I have to do something stupid!"
Kuro Alicia10 months ago
I know what you mean, but you know he's gone crazy because the only person who love him in the world for the first time is dying... She literally the first person who love MC! Even his parents is trash!
Nakagawa Kanon (likes NTR Manga)9 months ago
Maybe he's leveling his skills up in order to make his heal work for Stella.
FoxReader67581 year ago
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