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Nakagawa Kanon (likes NTR Manga)4 months ago
Honestly speaking, I actually understand the flow of the story but... I can't feel their emotions and there's so many confusing parts. But, well. It's not that bad.
Kuro Alicia5 months ago
Stella is angle or Sage... The skill who can reset her being from people memory is divine class tier
Baka3 months ago
ah yes. stella was most definitely a 90 degree angle
FoxReader675811 months ago
The author use confusion, all the reader did not now what happened to the story because of confusion
TurtleOfRainbow11 months ago
I think she used her own stats and life to summon Yu. Not sure just a theory.
Renayreader1 year ago
I think because Stella wasn't a human, when she died she disappeared from the villagers' memories
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