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Corna7 months ago
*looks at Yuu's extremely broken stats" So yeah, why are there still stupid people trying to oppose him?
Shyboy11 months ago
This is so dumb, weeabooness aside the engrish is getting better while the disconnection between names is worse.
FoxReader87521 year ago
Stick to 1 translation of the name. Stop changing between Rena and Lena. The official translation is Lena. You had it correct stop shuffling it multiple times in the same chapter. Your broken English is getting better but there's no continuity. Your editor must be pathetic if he can't even stop your changing of the name in the same chapter.
Marco319852 years ago
I don’t mind spoilers. Can you tell me what yu stato 4th job is going to be? I’m assuming he will probably get it at level 60.
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