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mrudul8 months ago
Yeah, Torcher here is Hisan, the angel Yu rescued from a dungeon. I think it can be rewritten as 'Torture' instead of 'Torcher' because 'Hisan' in Japanese could mean 'Misery' or 'Torture'.
Asuna1 year ago
Thank you for the reminder! I was just wondering why the author keep changing the name of the character. It makes me think if I already forgot some of the characters.
Whtsurpersona1 year ago
Torcher is the female angel he rescued from being imprisoned by the dragon on the 74th floor of that A rank dungeon. I believe in previous translations her name was Hisui. She loves to torture people.
Whtsurpersona1 year ago
Sorry chapter 158 states her name is Hisan.think hisui is actually the dryad
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