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NoLifeLad1 year ago
Some fucknuggets here in the comments didnt read the translators note... In the previous chapter they mentioned Lena joined their party because Ninas trauma acted up. As in Lena joined them so that the men would stop speaking to Nina, nowhere was it written that Lena trusted the party... Read more Read more The novel isnt perfectly written but atleast try to read between some lines... Show less
TurtleOfRainbow3 years ago
Lena is giving me a brain tumor from that stupid-levels emmingating from her. Just... dont join the request next time. Dont use all your mp when in a bad situation with strangers... like why is she the most idiotic of them all?
Yodathethinker2 years ago
Shut up live with how the auther protrays the characters and stop whining like a spoiled child
Kuro Alicia2 years ago
Some people on previous chapter also don't like Lena because of her stupidity And i one of them... Party is place where you stake your life to each other Read more Not with some stranger you just meet Oh i forgot, she also join MC(stranger) without determine other party lol Basically just some lady with silver spoon Show less
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