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deadmilkmen5 months ago
Insect tamers are lame.
AxnerIII1 year ago
why would she choose insect master if it was a bad job. That's not going to help anyone, if anything if will hurt the team due to her having a useless job.
Baka1 year ago
if she tames insects then she can have those insects create more insects until she has swarms and when she uses those swarms it will be hard to defeat them due to the sheer numbers. also in fantasy there are some very large and/or dangerous bugs
Ragu1 year ago
And here I am getting excited for nothing
Solo2 years ago
Still waiting for the gore
FoxReader67581 year ago
Jorimaru2 years ago
What an amazing way to use the item bag!
Baka1 year ago
i shoulda thought of that a long time ago
Winter2 years ago
And here we have the reason she took Assassin as her second job :P
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