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Leikr3 months ago
So is GuJinyu innocent? People from the precious comment section keep defending her and her intention to stay that she is innocent. This is precisely my concern she's already subsidising the real daughter, she's not even guilty that her opportunities weren't hers but instead it should be hers since the real daughter is a hic this is her reasoning and prejudice. How could a person like this end up as a heroine. She has such a vile scheaming heart.
Errant3 months ago
You're a bit harsh, firstly I don't think anyone said she was a pure white innocent lamb, secondly one one hand you have a 14 year old girl afraid to lose the only family she knows and on the other a reincarnated adult orphaned super spy/scientist/fighter, but the little girl is smh evil for trying to keep what she has, for being good and talented and potentially compared to Jiao, for giving gifts, for trying to be diplomatic, while Jiao&brothers are fine being asshats to their own families?
Yu10 months ago
Thanks for the chapter
kahluadragon10 months ago
Reminds me of pampered consort of....... orchard
JazmineGwapa1 year ago
Yeyyy free workers for jiaojiao hahahaha Thanks for the chapter ☺️
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