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Yu1 month ago
Thank you for the chapter
kahluadragon1 month ago
Makes me think he "coerced" this Yaoshi in a way she couldn't have refused
kahluadragon1 month ago
Remember the author mentioned earlier that though Yao Shi hadn't agreed to his proposal before his First wife died the Marquis married her anyway
Robi6 months ago
Wait, he's twenty? MC is just turning 15. They have a five years age gap. In short, his mother gave birth to 3 children in just five years. No, if you considered Yao shi's time from marriage to pregnancy and to birth, that's at least a year, so minus 1yr. Dang, their mother had 3 continues birth in just 3-4yrs. No wonder she died so young! The father is a scumbag! He didn't even keep that 3yr something mourning before marrying Yao shi, no wonder no one's happy except him. Trash!
JazmineGwapa11 months ago
Thanks for the chapter ☺️
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