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Tinushka2 days ago
Marquis Gu should expect a few slaps in next chapters. I think that Husband and that An Junwang would give theirs to our Gu Jiao.
JazmineGwapa2 days ago
Thanks for the chapter ☺️
SassiDani07063 days ago
This idiot of a father… Like, I know she doesn’t want anything to do with you but I hoped you at least put some money to Gu Jiao’s name. Gu Jinyu is not irritating not irritating me too much but I can definitely see that the author might try tk set her up… Read more
Yunximeanscloud3 days ago
I agree. I hope the twin's mother would make his life awful and bot reconcile with him yet. Though i have read the mtl version of this part. I REALLYYYY HOPE JIAOJAO BEAT HIS DAD OUT
xbaoyu3 days ago
I dunno why the father is so idiot. He side with the fake daughter so much. Even he beat Gu Jiao before🥲 I hope Yao Shi divorce him
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