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oim1 month ago
@diair hey read carefully before you make a statement. clearly in gujiao's dream, Jinyu treated Jiao well just because Jiao was inferior to Jinyu. and that's also because yaoshi & gu yan are no longer around, she has a confidence Jiao won't be able to replace her position in hef father's eyes. if yaoshi & guyan were still around, even though Jiao was inferior than her, I'm sure she would still envy Jiao and wouldn't treat her that well (don't you understand that just because someone is nice to others, doesn't mean they're sincere? u're too naive). and if you can understand Jinyu's envy towards Jiao, then why can't you understand OG Jiao's envy towards Jinyu? aren't they in the same situation? and if you think objectively, it is Jiao who has the right to feel envy. after all she is the real biological daughter. the rights she should have, were taken by someone else and when she returned, that person still did not return her rights, her position. her father still prioritized Jinyu over Jiao. She didn't receive any compensation in exchange for her 14 years of suffering (giving her food, shelter and property is not compensation, because from the start it should have been hers) So I don't understand why you really understand Jinyu's envy but make a big deal if it's Gu Jiao? If you don't understand the POV of both parties, try imagining yourself in both parties' positions.
Lala5 months ago
I think GJY problem is her vanity aka she doesn't mind true daughter if she's inferior than her. Meaning she's not necessarily good OR bad.
Foxy Rose5 months ago
Yeah. Her entire identity was based on her being the daughter of the marquis estate. Now that she is longer the legitimate daughter, her entire identity and self worth collapsed.
Foxy Rose5 months ago
Yeah. Her entire identity was based on her being the daughter of the marquis estate. Now that she is longer the legitimate daughter, her entire identity and self worth collapsed.
Akime yuko8 months ago
I totally understand why marquis gu is more biased towards GJY bc he raised her but if he had conscience just a little bit where he put at least 5 tael on his own blood daughter name that would make him a better dad but so far he had no ounce of guilt toward jiao jiao as A FATHER despite knowing her past hardship and even went so far to beat her.. and he treat her like enemy and some kind of disease which is infuriating
Yu1 year ago
Thanks for the chapter
Robi1 year ago
Tbf, I'm not mad with this pair of father and daughter. People are emotional beings after all. Regardless of biology, GJY for me is indeed his daughter. Just like how MC's mixmatch of a family is a family regardless. Also, GJY might not be a good person, but her feelings are valid, and she's merely surviving in a way she know in a world full of vanity. She can't be like our MC who didn't care. They grew up in different environment and had different conclusions. As long as they don't end with 'you die, I live' scenario, I could understand GJY. Though I feel like the author will use her as some stumble later. After all, she already have a princess title, though empty, can already made her marry decently and buff some peers. She also already said it herself that once she have a title, it doesn't matter much if she's biological. But somehow, the author forget this? She stopped mentioning it after and even didn't use it.
Addos1 year ago
Honestly, same. I really don't want an extreme situation between GJY and MC, there are way too many stories of biological daughter vs "fake" daughter and most of them are also badly done. GJY's behavior is understandable giving the environment and conditions she is being raised into. I dislike Marquis Gu, but it totally makes sense that he feels more affection towards GJY than MC, specially after being beated by her multiple times (though his thoughts after knowing he has another daughter also show some contempt). Read more At the end, everything is done this way so MC and family stand out more. Show less
Diair1 year ago
Honestly, Jinyu's character would have been prime material for a time travel villainess revenge story, where Jinyu goes back in time after death and takes revenge on everyone. I've maintained since the start that the author has some kind of strange obsession with making Jinyu a villain despite her being complete undeserving of all the terrible things happening to her. She's just a 14-15 year old girl who's just had the proverbial rug pulled out from under her legs, her life as she knew it completely changed overnight. She's immensely talented, and in modern society she would have thrived, but the society she grew up in and was molded by doesn't care about talented women; only their status is important, and hers disappeared in a puff of smoke. So she tries to adapt. Relying on the the various tricks she's learnt growing up, she knows that it would be better for her to be close to the real daughter, so she tries to do that (and she's sincere about it, too! The prophetic dream showed that she didn't take any half-hearted approach in trying to help and tutor the original Jiaojiao), but the real daughter is cold, filled with hostility, and wants nothing to do with her. Next, the only mother she ever knew is suddenly treating her like an afterthought, not to mention how her mothers servant treats her like an enemy and feeds her mom ambiguous information that presents Jinyu in an even worse light, alienating her mom even further (see the broken vase incident where it was clear to the servant that Jinyu was innocent, but she did not speak up for her and instead happily let Yao Shi come to the conclusion that Jinyu was the culprit). Adding insult to injury, the newly minted real daughter suddenly grows close to the older brothers that hated Jinyu when they were growing up despite her desire to be close to them. She suddenly feels like a complete outsider in her own family. Read more Read more I honestly really can't blame her for becoming a villain, and it's torturous seeing her fall further and further, through no fault of her own. She isn't one of those two bit stupid villains that keep pitting themselves, and yet she has no choice but eventually become vicious. Her only real vice is that she's trying to avoid offending the powerful people she wants to rely on, while trying to be ambiguous about her flaw, that is, her origin. But who could blame her for that? This current incident showed exactly why it was important for Jinyu to keep such a thing a secret. Everyone abandoned her as soon as they realized she was born a peasant, just as she feared they would. I desperately hope she'll eventually get redeemed, but I don't have much hope for it. That's not how these kinds of stories goes... :( Show less
Lala5 months ago
I don't think GJY is good, most likely she could treat true daughter genuinely in the dream because she's inferior. What if she's not? Could she escape her vanity? This doesn't mean she's bad but she is also like the Marquis, very flawed.
Jay Je1 year ago
Thanks for the chapter
Tinushka1 year ago
Marquis Gu should expect a few slaps in next chapters. I think that Husband and that An Junwang would give theirs to our Gu Jiao.
JazmineGwapa1 year ago
Thanks for the chapter ☺️
SassiDani07061 year ago
This idiot of a father… Like, I know she doesn’t want anything to do with you but I hoped you at least put some money to Gu Jiao’s name. Gu Jinyu is not irritating not irritating me too much but I can definitely see that the author might try tk set her up… Read more
Yunximeanscloud1 year ago
I agree. I hope the twin's mother would make his life awful and bot reconcile with him yet. Though i have read the mtl version of this part. I REALLYYYY HOPE JIAOJAO BEAT HIS DAD OUT
xbaoyu1 year ago
I dunno why the father is so idiot. He side with the fake daughter so much. Even he beat Gu Jiao before🥲 I hope Yao Shi divorce him
B0hna1 year ago
She isn't fake daughter to him. He raised her. Is it so weird that he preffer someone he raised than his own blood?
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