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Yu1 year ago
Thanks for the chapter
Jay Je1 year ago
Thanks for the chapter
JazmineGwapa1 year ago
Thanks for the chapter ☺️
J Doe1 year ago
Tricky, tricky questions. Looking forward to how our boys (and Junwang) did on their essays. The testing process (in this story and other historical tales) sounds horrific. Worse than AP tests! I imagine that last question throws An Junwang, since he's part of the establishment, but not Liulang. He's got his own thinking and plows through with it. Also, poor Chenfeng. His money flew out so it looks like his work is never done. Although Chenglin is a bit of a pig teammate for throwing the money to Jiaojiao, since he's been through a lot, I'm cutting him slack.
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