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Yu7 months ago
Thank you for the chapter
Skelpie8 months ago
Okay, I felt bad for her, but now she's just actively trying to take credit for JiaoJiaos ideas and doesn't seem to think she's done anything wrong. Just digging herself a deeper hole rn, I wish she would've just gone before the Emperor and honestly admitted her wrongs
kahluadragon7 months ago
It's her upbringing. If only Yao shi had cared even vaguely she'd never be this scheming. It's just that since she was a child she understood that her value lay in what glory she could earn for herself. She was never liked for herself
Diair4 months ago
Yeep. It's sad. At least if she continues down this path I can gradually stop feeling bad for her.
joonsgalaxxy2 weeks ago
@kahluadragon I’ve read some of your comments and thought you and some semblance of sense but I guess I was wrong. How could you possibly blame Yao Shi for Jinyu’s ignorance, vanity, and lack of morals? From the few times we’ve seen them interact (especially prior to Gu Jia’s identity being known) she was a loving, understanding mother. She admitted that she initially felt a disconnect but had done her best to fill in the gap. what more could you POSSIBLY want from her? If your argument is that Yao Shi neglected her I would like to ask you what you would do differently. Married to a man she didn’t want, constantly ostracized and demeaned by her in-law and stepsons, and with a son who has a debilitating heart disease. Meanwhile, the grandmother was said to dote on Jinyu and the father is clearly an idiot who spoils her rotten (rotten she is). So she poured into Gu Yan who was clearly being left out. If anything, Yao Shi was the ONLY good influence Jinyu had as she was realistic with her daughter. Not too doting but not neglectful. It’s absolutely laughable that you could even fix your fingers to type such nonsense.
Katie9 months ago
I fear the little trumpet finna drop the secret about fixing the wall. RIP
Jay Je1 year ago
Thanks for the chapter
JazmineGwapa1 year ago
HAHAHAHAHA Thanks for the chapter ☺️
JazmineGwapa1 year ago
Thanks for the EXTRA chapter*** 😘😘😘😘😘
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