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Diair2 months ago
Wait, why is it different from the dream? Jiaojiao hasn't interfered yet, has she?
Jay Je9 months ago
Oh, God. It turned out that everything was planned. eunuch Huang ordered crown prince or crown princess? Btw, Thanks for the chapter
Katie7 months ago
Damn that's actually scary Crown Prince would basically get rid of an opponents child & a love rival I figure he knew about og ml's fear of cats & was testing if it would work on current him. Cold blooded & super petty Read more
kahluadragon5 months ago
My guess that ex fiancee of "Ah Heng" is the whitest of white Lotuses is solidifying.
J Doe9 months ago
Hm. Was the fear of cats well known?
JazmineGwapa10 months ago
I see, this crown princeee 😡😡😡😡😡 Thanks for the chapter ☺️
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