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Diair5 months ago
It's funny how Gu Jiao's face, the same one that has been described as ugly for so many chapters, actually created a fad because of the flower hairpin business.
Katie9 months ago
Honestly I'm so pissed at dowagers brother. What's the difference between what he is doing & what the emperor did? & I feel sorry for mc's eldest brother. It means his life is even more endangered because his boss has been promoted. I sincerely dislike Gu granddad for exposing him to such malice. I sincerely dislike all the old fogeys except old chief. Read more
AdwinStroy11 months ago
I can't wait to when she remembers her time with Gu Jiao and the others. Though it's very depressing to see them all like this.
Tinushka11 months ago
Yeah, me too.
J Doe11 months ago
Agreed! She's kind of in the same position she was in when her memory was gone at Gu Jiao's where the readers know why she's the way she is, but she doesn't.
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