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Leikr4 months ago
Honestly I don't think I can just blame the father on this one, more like its their environment. The concubine aunt, the grandmother on both sides and the grandfather, what can we expect from a patriarchal family who obviously only care about gains and loses and calculate their sons and daughters as broke mare or breeding stallion. All of them are guilty. Plus the death of thier mother and the rumor that Taken I killed her, its like it was a deliberate ploy to sow discord. And for some reason so many key families sons daughters are switched or schemed upon. Maybe its the country of Yan? Its just feels like there's a big bad villain lurking behind.
Yu10 months ago
Thanks for the chapter
Katie1 year ago
Again, I blame the father. Both the Old Marquis & & Marquis are failures. No-one cares about old Marquis loyalty to emperor when it is the grandson suffering, not him. No-one cares that Marquis fell in love when all his kids & wife have to suffer for it. Read more Read more I really appreciate how the author keeps fleshing out the 3 older brothers. Show less
kahluadragon10 months ago
Just saying..... Changwossaame is getting a very easy redemption arc.
Tinushka1 year ago
Poor Gu Yan 😥
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