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Leikr4 months ago
Ok I acknowledge her redemption. People keep saying before that its not her fault, she is innocent she's pitiful, it's her father fault blah blah, no shit it's her fathers fault but she ain't innocent either. And these are not just mere jealousy this is envy, greed and pride, and these are all mortal sins. Good on the author that they choose to redeem her there's still justice in their world at least.
Yu9 months ago
Thanks for the chapter
Odess11 months ago
Взрослая часть семьи Гу, что в деревне что в городе, просто уроды!!
Katie1 year ago
The failure of a man failed to protect his "beloved" daughter again. Even if she couldn't stay in the estate, he couldn't find her a house outside? Honestly, Jinyu said so much but I would be a fool to not realize her words still imply she is smarter than mc, just born into a poor family.
Yunximeanscloud1 year ago
Now reform Jinyu
J Doe1 year ago
Jealousy was Jinyu's real sin. She didn't ask to be switched at birth and she did no wrong with trying to be recognized as talented nor in wanting to be loved. If you adopt a child knowingly, it's not like your lack of blood relationship keeps you from loving or being loved. Jinyu in the story was quite mean, but so far, her behavior was pretty minimal, as far as hurting people, the armory folks also need to take some blame. I like the way she's owning it, but she didn't switch herself and Jiao as babies.
Yunximeanscloud1 year ago
Yes that's her insecurity to Jiao. And I am glad that she is finally realizing that she doesn't need to be jealous of Jiao just because she is adopted. And by my comment earlier I mean that she should change how she could interact when Jiao is involved and be more communicative with her thoughts.
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