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gumis22 months ago
atp these bros have more 'romantic' moments than the principal couple 😭😭😭
Magi_sharap5 months ago
I love them together but they are brothers wuwuwuwu,
Lala5 months ago
Bro at this point I will rage of Yan and Changqing doesn't end together or seen paring with someone else at the end.
joonsgalaxxy7 months ago
Every interaction between Gu Changqing and Gu Yan the author tries my patience. I’m losing my mind
Akime yuko8 months ago
Istg Gu changqing and Gu yan make me want to go read some danmei like blame this author!!
Yu1 year ago
Thank you for the chapter
Milkbiscuit1 year ago
All these hand-touching scenes…
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