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Akime yuko3 weeks ago
Ngl my first thought was “GJY like an junwang so did she plot this?” But it seems like it isn’t..after all she was someone who value reputation more than anything
Diair5 months ago
No... what the hell? The heck did Jinyu do to deserve getting pulled into this nonsense?! Is it another attempt at creating rifts between the Emperor's faction and the Dowager Empress' faction?
Yu7 months ago
Thanks for the chapter
Milkbiscuit7 months ago
Even though he’s rivals with Xiao Liulang and interested in his wife, I don’t think An Junyang deserves this treatment. So far his only sin is arrogance
mensink2 months ago
Sure, aside from drugging a young lady with the intent to assault, then actually assaulting another young lady.
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