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Wolf5 months ago
She was really lucky to marry the man of her dreams despite everything that happened
Foxy Rose4 months ago
She will be in a loveless marriage for the rest of her days. What is good about that?
Yu1 year ago
Thanks for the chapter
SassiDani07061 year ago
You know…I actually hope that this is a decent marriage for Gu Yinyu and that she can be somewhat happy
Milkbiscuit1 year ago
Me too. I don’t think anyone deserves to be trapped in an unhappy marriage, and considering the setting, it’s usually the wife who has little to no standing compared to her husband, mother-in-law and even children
Diair11 months ago
I have little hope. Yuheng is hopelessly in love with her sister, and his character hasn't been shown to be all that great either...
Diair11 months ago
Not to mention, there's still the yandere sister-in-law. Let's be real here, there's no way his sister will tolerate seeing Gu Jinyu happy.
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