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Leikr7 months ago
She's allowed to feel guily. She's her biological mother often times people complain about the bioparents favoring the adopted kid, but now that Yao shi is realizing her biodaughter have long been neglected and even marry with no parents no food no money no education and opportunities she's not allowedto feel guilty? Two wrong doesn't make it right but that doesn't mean that she's wronging the adopted daughter too, wouldn't that make it fair to them if she don't do any of their wedding dresses? All this pity party for the adopted daughter is based on the fact that Jiao Jiao was able dream and prevent their miserable fate had it not been for Jiao Jiao preventing and actively changing their fate would still empathize for the good graces and greed by the adopted daugther? What makes it wrong is that any thing that Yaoshi does for Jiao Jiao now can't make up for the fact that the original daughter is already dead! So what do you mean about the neglected adopted daughter??
Anghela5 months ago
Absolutely right
Diair11 months ago
Really, Yao Shi? The adopted daughter you have neglected for so long desperately needs a wedding dress as soon as possible, and all of a sudden you feel so guilty about not making a wedding dress for your other daughter that you start entertaining the idea of wronging both daughters??? Two wrongs doesn't make one right! Make it up to Jiaojiao in other ways, don't take it out on your other daughter you infuriating HAG! Ugggh. Good lord, I truly detest Yao Shi. One of the worst mothers ever depicted in a novel.
Akime yuko7 months ago
You keep on saying yao shi neglected jinyu when she didn’t…. After Jiao jiao return she still live in the mansion with her and tried her best to dote on both of her daughters. She also tried to include gjy in everything she does with jiao2 but was rejected. You couldn’t be expecting yao shi to go back in forth during her pregnancy to visit GJY lol
是你 🪷2 months ago
Uhh not sure why you hate Yao-shi so much. Sge didn’t do anything wrong. Sge didn’t neglect Gu Jinyu and favored Gu Jiao. After finding out the truth she still try her best to give equal love to both daughters. It’s Gu Jinyu herself that was jealous and did the wrong thing. Even now she still doesn’t acknowledge what sge did wrong. Even though she “apologized” for trying to take credits for previous 2 inventions but is she truly sorry or is she just putting up a front if someone that had suddenly turn a new leaf. Great example was when facing fourth/fifth prince….can’t remember….when he accused Gu Jiao. Gu Jinyu if she’s truly sorry at that time she should have step forward and said it was all doing…but what did she do??? She instead starting making another excuse. And the same for when the accident of the bellows instead of taking responsibility what did she do???? She ran to that bias useless father and pretty insinuate that Gu Jiao probably saw her “design” . This girl is no good…so it really surprised me that so many readers pity her and when Gu Jinyu, Gu Jiao & Yao-shi are mention idk why people would say Yao-shi was a bad mother. When clearly she’s not. If she’s really is bad and horrible then from the very beginning when she found out about the switch she would of kicked Gu Jinyu out or out right ignore her completely and only pay attention to Gu Jiao and Gu Yan. But obviously she didn’t…..
Yu1 year ago
Thanks for the chapter
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