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gumis22 months ago
oh how cute
Wolf6 months ago
No one really cared about Jiaojiao's wedding dress except for Jingkong. He was probably hurt in Jiaojiao's behalf that GJY has a wedding dress but JJ didn't have. My nose hurts! I'm about to cry 😭
Akime yuko8 months ago
At first I was angry with jingkong bc it’s too dangerous for him to go out like that. Never thought he want to buy a wedding dress for her 😭
PineappleSugar9 months ago
solluz1 year ago
Oh my god, xiao jing kong 😭❤
Meihua881 year ago
Aiya, I want to cry...only he cares that she never had a proper wedding
Lioness1 year ago
Aww Jing Kong so sweet 🥲
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