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Emma175 days ago
Looks like Ning Wang is going to mess with someone he shouldn't.
FoxReader128311 month ago
Xiao Liulang's bad luck strikes again 😮‍💨
ashepretty4 months ago
I just want the crown princess and Ning Wang to die. Gu Jiao, please put them on a sack, tie their hands and feet and threw them in the river.🤩
dianille4 months ago
CP is definitely Xiao Heng's arch nemesis in his past life!!! Because how come she's always the one who brought him harm??? The fire, the using cat to test him resulting in XH being punished, and now this?????
PineappleSugar4 months ago
I'm going to kill Ning Wang
AdwinStroy5 months ago
Ooooo I’m excited for Ning Wang’s beating!
Vindictivity5 months ago
Ning Wang is gonna end up in a sack IF HE'S LUCKY, and preferably in a SHALLOW GRAVE.
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