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Chronos58841 month ago
Long Yi is best boi! Good Long Yi, greatest Long Yi! Long Yi is awesome! Long Yi is great! Long Yi is the best dragon shadow guard. Long Yi is Number One! I can spout his rainbow farts for a while! Good job Long Yi!
PineappleSugar9 months ago
Love Long Yi!
Vindictivity10 months ago
Long Yi is rapidly becoming one of my favorite characters. He's SO devoted to the Little Marquis :)
J Doe9 months ago
He's the deus ex machina for both Ah Heng and Jiaojiao. Love his eccentricities!
Surainie3179610 months ago
😂🤣 he's so funny 🤣 🤣
Yunximeanscloud10 months ago
Long hail Long Yi!
AdwinStroy10 months ago
Long Yi to the rescue!
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