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Emma171 week ago
I think her intentions was to use the guards around Ah Heng to deal with Ning Wang. Of course the first time she might also have used Ning Wang to get rid of Ah Heng. I guess will know later.
Emma171 week ago
It's called deceiving oneself to not feel guilty.
Vindictivity5 months ago
The Crown Princess is such a LYING SKANK. She knows EXACTLY what's going on! Long before now, she should have told someone, ANYONE, about Ning Wang's two-faced obsessive stalker behavior and the fact that he's apparently the one who MURDERED the Little Marquis! The fact that she HAS NOT DONE SO immediately removes any sympathy I might have had for her. Now I just detest her completely, and I hope she ends up divorced, exiled, dead, or all three.
dianille4 months ago
Agree!!! Agree!!! Agree!!!!! She's an accomplice!!!
ashepretty4 months ago
True. What right does she have to feel sad and jealous to Gu Jiao for having Liulang? What right does she have to say that she came first in Ah Heng's life? Like wtf girl, 4 years and you remained silent about what happened. She just wanted to have power. I really hate her.
Leikr4 months ago
Agree! And of she finds put she's the real A heng I feel that she will keep connecting with the mother and somehow sow discord between mother in law and daughter in law. I hope she get he dues. Liulang suffered so much he crawled his way up he more than made up for the life that that crown princess saved. Really this crown princess is a death star.
Akime yuko3 months ago
I agree. I hate this bitch more than the previous villains combined
Foxy Rose3 weeks ago
From she rescued baby hang she has been obsessed with climbing up the social ladder. She probably led on the crown prince for years and who knows how long she has been in cohoots with Ning wang.
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