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Anghela1 month ago
It was said in the previous chapter that she was about to set the fire but hesitated and in the end didn't do it and back out from setting the fire, but the fire was ignited by Ning Wang
ILikeToFlipTable(ノ^◡^)ノ︵ ┻━┻5 months ago
Okay so the Princess didn’t set the fire but how did Xiao Liu lang came to the conclusion that his mother started the fire? Was it explained already and I just missed it?
J Doe5 months ago
Yes. In a previous flashback/dream, his mother asks him to die for her. She was there when the fire started but was rescued, while he wasn't. He might not have agreed to be killed (unclear) but certainly he'd think that she set the fire to kill him and so he left. The person who did die in the fire might've been his half brother as his dad had other kids outside of marriage or it could've been someone else but he clearly feels responsible because the fire was set to kill him (he thought by his mom) and he didn't die. There's also a question about the mole under the eye, which has never been answered. That supposedly differentiated him from a similar looking half brother. We also have the monk/teacher who has immense wealth and travels secretly through the country. Many mysteries still to figure out, but at least we know for sure his mom didn't "kill" him.
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