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Leikr4 months ago
I really don't get this girl, if she's brave or stupid, but it's clear she's greedy, she has no strong family support, no influence and she's not even rich her ascension was based solely on the fact that the crown prince favors her but really does that even last? In the face of adversity the crown prince will take in more women more powerful than her to maintain his stance even more so when he is emperor. Even if he is a love brain his mother isn't. Does she really think she can coax everyone with her guiles? And she really think that she is smart. Ahahaha
Foxy Rose3 weeks ago
She was used to everyone around her being in awe of her beauty and many talents. I doubt the possibility of falling out of favor ever crossed her mind which is rather ironic since she kept saying favor doesn’t last when it comes to Jinyu and JaioJaio.
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