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waterplease1 week ago
So everything was Marquis Xuanping's fault! Lmao, he impregnated 3 women who gave birth with close dates damn. I feel bad for the og Liulang though, it was his body they found that they thought was Xiao Heng. He just died in the fire like that, without unkowingly caught in other people's battle.
Leikr4 months ago
Fuck I hate ML father, he scattered his seeds everywhere man even a widow is fair game for him. ML may have a lot of siblings.
ashepretty4 months ago
I've been crying here, my sister thought it was just because of my fever but who would have thought that I'm crying and sympathising with Liulang and Xinyang😭
Yunximeanscloud4 months ago
Now that the misunderstanding could possibly be resolve please please have more jiaojiao and luilang moments
Anghela1 month ago
Exactly! This is what I'm waiting for
celestialegg4 months ago
damn I'm crying
Yunximeanscloud4 months ago
wipe your tears and snot jk
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