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tcube4 months ago
Who was it? Scumbag father?
Kokokrunch4 months ago
I still can't like Marquis Xuanping. He is a scumbag, who cheated on his wife. Princess Xinyang and Xiao Heng's mother even got pregnant almost at the same time. It's disgusting of him. :(
LouYi4 months ago
Same, i hope they wont get back together cause what he did is unacceptable and so disgusting.
Vindictivity4 months ago
Are we absolutely sure he cheated on her? This author dishes out plot twists like a short-order cook slinging french fries, after all. What if he didn't do it, and knows he didn't, but couldn't prove it? What if HE even thinks he did it, but someone managed to deceive him and he's actually been faithful to Princess Xinyang all along? What if he did it, but was drugged/drunk/otherwise not in control of the situation? There are a whole slew of possibilities to explain the existence of a seeming illegitimate son...
Kokokrunch4 months ago
Well, I also hope he didn't cheat on Princess Xinyang. If that's the case, that will be great. However, he indeed had the real Xiao Liulang with another woman though I don't know if he's already married or engaged at that time. It has also been stated before that he frequently goes to brothels and Xiao Heng is indeed his real son with the slave woman, though I also thought of the possibility that he might be drugged during that time. It would indeed be good if he isn't a scumbag and actually secretly loves Princess Xinyang all this time so they can have a harmonious family.
Foxy Rose3 weeks ago
She was put in his house to kill him. I doubt she cares about where he spreads his seed.
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