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Akime yuko3 months ago
Princess Xinyang and Marquis Xuanping story is marriage-of-convenience gone wrong …. I felt like princess Xinyang does love the marquis which is not surprising since they even had a child so the problem here is the marquis for being stupid and he need to chill his d*ck and stop sleeping around
Foxy Rose3 weeks ago
She told him not to fall in love with her and they only were together one night. Unless he is a monk he is going to have other women.
Kokokrunch4 months ago
I think Princess Xinyang has feelings for Marquis Xuanping. So, did Marquis Xuanping really had that kind of special relationship with the slave woman? Sigh... Anyway... Other than Princess Xinyang, the only one who can order the dragon shadow guards was the late emperor right? So, was it him who ordered the dragon shadow guards to kill the child? It can't be the cutie fake dragon shadow guard, Long Yi... If there's one traitor among the shadow guards, then the other real ones should have made a move to protect the child back then.. My head hurts. Hahah.
Foxy Rose3 weeks ago
She is a slave in this state but she is probably royalty in the state of yan.
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