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Chronos58842 weeks ago
Yeah Princess Ning'an is sus. Also, poor Marquis. All excited about his wedding and thinking he would also have a warm family soon with someone who likea him only to be greeted with a dagger.
FoxReader128315 months ago
I think Princess Ning'an is not as innocent as everyone thinks she is. If she was almost married to Marquis Xuanping, then she could have held a grudge against Princess Xinyan who married him instead. Also if she was sent to the north against her will, after all these years she could have somehow managed to escape or send a message to the capital. And I don't believe she didn't know what her mother, Imperial Concubine Jing was upto growing up. The author keeps mentioning her despite her never showing up which makes me believe she is VERY suspicious. My reader senses are tingling.
Anghela5 months ago
Princess ning wang insisted to marry to the border despite the empress dowager not agreeing to it, she threatened to kill herself if the
Anghela5 months ago
If the empress dowager don't allow ning wang to marry she will kill herself, so the empress doesn't have a choice but to let her go which make the empress dowager sick in bed for a long time, it was mentioned in the previous chapters
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