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PineappleSugar1 month ago
Vindictivity2 months ago
"I was planning to return triumphantly to the capital and quietly report the three of you as spies..." TANG YUESHAN, YOU ABSOLUTE WALNUT, THEY ARE NOT SPIES. This is obviously the first they're even learning of this mess. (Also, I have to assume the "three of you" here means Changqing, Chengfeng, and Chenglin, because Jiaojiao isn't related to Ling shi at all.) Also, you owe your actual life and the lives of your soldiers to the Gu family, so maybe get your head out of your keister and realize that regardless of their (PREVIOUSLY UNKNOWN) mother's actual allegiances, they're clearly loyal to your country.
FoxReader128182 months ago
🤣🤣 poor chengfeng
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