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Emma174 days ago
Well seems that hé did everything so his mother won't get the title
AdwinStroy2 weeks ago
Jing kong, you little precious angel.
Vindictivity1 week ago
He's such a doll.
Magi_sharap2 weeks ago
Oh so it's her
Yunximeanscloud2 weeks ago
Oh my god. What if. It was Ning'an rather than Huangfu Xian who was the perpetuator. It would hurt so much not just for Grand Aunt!
PineappleSugar2 weeks ago
That's what I'm thinking now! That he knows something and wants to stop his mom. Because he wouldn't have any real motive to kill jiaojiao but ningan would.
AdwinStroy2 weeks ago
You know, I never thought of that.
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