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kahluadragon10 months ago
Two spoilt brats - I wish this trope of adopted brother - sister falling in love against societal limitations was also included instead of Jinyu being termed "unworthy" because of her DNA
Yunximeanscloud6 months ago
Sorry to burst your expectations but Yan'er and Jinyu ain't gonna be a couple
FoxReader128511 month ago
It would give the story much more depth than just labeling Jinyu a villainess for having the audacity to be switched at birth and not easily let go of the family that raised and loved her all her life.
JazmineGwapa1 year ago
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Thanks for the chapter ☺️
Hyper Rose2 years ago
:/ "I like being unreasonable " Hahahaha
Rajnandini2 years ago
Thanks for the chapter ❤ Keep updating ❤ 😌 I hope he finds out the truth soon Read more
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