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Yu5 months ago
Thanks for the update
Sekstifire6 months ago
Feel like the switched at birth subplot doesn't really work with the rest of the story. Gu Jiao's incredibly edgy previous life as a secret agent/doctor, her using her medical skills to save a series of powerful people, her building a found family of people who AREN'T related to each other, a lot of that is over the top but it's not grating because the elements work well together. Meanwhile the switched at birth subplot clashes with the transmigrator and found family elements. Like the author keeps hyping up how amazing Gu Jiao's innate connection to Yao shi and Gu Yan is and how it's way better than their connection to Gu Jinyu because Gu Jiao is their REAL family member. Read more Read more Except Gu Jiao is a transmigrator so that doesn't really work? And her building up a family that ISN'T based on blood ties has been a major part of the story. Gu Yan and Yao shi seem sorta shallow in comparison. Show less
kahluadragon5 months ago
You said it perfectly
Diair2 months ago
Yep, I agree wholeheartedly. It's awful seeing how the author keeps putting Gu Jiya down, highlighting how she doesn't feel like family at times, as if blood is the only thing that matters. What's the author trying to say here? That adopted children can never truly be family? Not to mention how the actual blood related daughter is already long dead and the current Gu Jiao is just an impostor. So blood is important, but the soul doesn't matter at all? It's hypocritical. The current Gu Jiao should have no more claim to being the Marquis' daughter than Gu Jiya does. At the very least, Gu Jiya has been their daughter from the start. Gu Jiao is just a ghost desecrating their real daughter's corpse.
JazmineGwapa1 year ago
Thanks for the chapter ☺️
Rajnandini1 year ago
Congratulations 🎊
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