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Yu1 year ago
Thanks for the update
kahluadragon1 year ago
Does this mean all three are taking a vacation from thier"real" loves?
Robi1 year ago
Idk if they really have amnesia or just don't want to all go back XD
Rutica1 year ago
I never expected the FL's dad to go from bad to worst. Little Jing Kong said it best. He is an evil man. He loves nobody and nothing except his own opinion. Will he ever learn?
kahluadragon1 year ago
I wonder how his "love" works? In an era when just being alone in an enclosed space was enough to ruin a woman's reputation - the Marquis "bumped" into Yao Shi in the garden?
JazmineGwapa1 year ago
Thanks for the chapter ☺️
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