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Diair7 months ago
Author seems to be set on making Gu jinyu a villain... It'd be nice if they started writing her as a more evil person, because at the moment I just feel terrible for her. What the hell did she do to deserve all this? The first incident between her and Jiaojiao, yeah, she was in the wrong. But she apologized once proven wrong, and as I wrote in another comment, any sane person would have though Jiaojiao was the thief in that situation. She's done nothing to deserve this villanous fate author is clearly setting up for her since then. Or, what, was the scene of her and her handmaid talking about how normal girls grow up supposed to show her as greedy? Was the scene at the grave where she had trouble calling a couple of strangers her parents after not knowing them for over a decade supposed to show her as unfilial? Oh yeah, better throw in the three year old monk who doesn't know anything as well just to show how quickly a mere child can accept a new reality compared to this spoiled princess. Read more Read more Maybe it's a cultural thing. I don't get it. I only see a young 14 year old girl who's suddenly had her entire life flipped upside down. It must be terrifying, and there's no wonder she has a tough time accepting it. Show less
Yasmin3 months ago
Yeah I agree with you here. Gu jinyu's character is written badly. They could have taken another way with her character. I think we should read more to find more about her character 🤔
Yasmin3 months ago
But I don't agree the parents part with you. The least she could do for her dead parents is call them mother and father. I mean they did give birth to her.
Akime yuko3 months ago
You were right abt jinyu this time. I also don’t want her to be a villain that were blinded by jealousy and greed. I really really hope this author would not make her unreasonable and dumb like other cannon fodder
Diair7 months ago
She really bought the mountain for such a huge sum just to forage? Why? No one was stopping her from foraging the mountain before she bought it, right? And it was 250 taels of silver... How much mountain forage could she have bought directly for from the market with such a sum? How many years of foraging would she need to even come close to such a value? It doesn't make sense.
Yasmin3 months ago
Yasmin3 months ago
Why? Cause she makes enough money and can spend it however she wants. Plus I don't think that's the only reason. Watch how the mountain will become important
Yu10 months ago
Thanks for the chapter
JazmineGwapa1 year ago
🤦🥴😖, Thanks for the chapter ☺️
Eman2 years ago
Poor rabbit 😟
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