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Last Fênix1 year ago
(O3O)/ - These sisters!!! (-.-) - The four of them always have the best interactions. (OwO) - And Sofi is so badass, that it took only a slap to fix those bitches problems with them. Read more (-.-) - School arc is going to be the best arc, and yes, I'm probably right. Show less
Wntr961 year ago
Yep Sofi doesn't put up with crap. The school arc will be starting fairly soon, so we'll see how things go.
Darklain07251 year ago
Thank you for the chapter! Heh~, typical middle/high school drama? not today ladies!
Wntr961 year ago
You're welcome. Ya, I think every school has girls like those two.
kirindas1 year ago
Thank you!
Wntr961 year ago
Quite welcome. How do you like the new site?
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