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Naschtir2 years ago
Well, Sora and Chinatsu are already inseparable as a couple. And by the chapter"I Do and I Don´t" Sora calls Sofi and pulls her on her lap and bevor she kisses her on the cheek Sora has the tought "Surprisingly, i have the urge to kiss her, and i don´t mean a sisterly kiss either. I´d never have tought another girl could make me want to do that with them" Thats what i mean that Sora has toughts about Sofi an i personaly hope for Sofi x Sora x Chinatsu to have a loverelationship and Ryo as a shared bayfriend(husband later on) Read more Sora to wants a polygamous marriage for women(fertile) to be recognized, and bevor all if i am not wrong she "PROMISED" Chinatsu to marry her first bevor anyone else and if she can´t marry her she won´t get married her life! So in short from my side i would wish for a SMALL FEMALE-harem for Sora and Ryo as Husband(2nd marriage) Is it better to understand that way instead of my post bevor? :D Show less
Naschtir2 years ago
After reading it again somehow aren´t there a few sentences missing? Can faintly remember that he came back to mind and sighed, with soras tough that she did push him to much up??? Or is it my mind playing with me?
Wntr962 years ago
I made a couple of changes
Naschtir2 years ago
I´m glad that Ryu has the mind to stop and not to push himself on Sora. But i´m concerned abaut Ryo pushing himself onto Chinatsu... will be his deathanniversary but well, Totally rooting for Sora & Chinatsu(maybe sofi too :D Sora has a vew toughs about her) Ryu Read more
Wntr962 years ago
Not sure what you mean
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